Fast and furious 7: Apps primed for the gigabit Internet

When gigabit Internet brings jaw-dropping speed, these apps will be ready to make good use of it
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What would you do with 250 times more Internet speed? That might be tough to fathom for the average Internet user who is content so long as “Game of Thrones” is streaming in HD without any hiccups. However, there are plenty of developers out there with the need for speed to power some potentially game-changing applications. Mozilla and The National Science Foundation, in fact, recently doled out hundreds of thousands of dollars to winners of the Mozilla Ignite awards, for which developers submitted prototype apps primed for the faster, smarter Internet of the future. Here’s a look at some of the standout submissions, which range from a high-quality, open source Web conferencing application to tools for collaborating in 3D environments.

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