Cats vs. robots: The ultimate video showdown

The Internet loves cats. The Internet loves robots. It's time for a battle royale.

kitten vs roomba

What's the rage on YouTube? Cat videos, of course. But videos featuring robots that aim to make our lives easier also get their share of the YouTube video view pie. What happens when you combine the two? An explosion of awesomeness, that's what.

Join us over the next few slides as we present our favorite videos featuring cats AND robots, together where they belong.

Kitten vs. robotic dog toy & adult cat

This video, with more than 1 million views, sums up the whole philosophical debate about cats vs. robots. Robots just want to move around - cats want to prevent that.

Kitty vs. robot

A battle with a cat from the robot's perspective. Hint: The robot never has a chance.

Maybe smaller robots have a chance?

In this "Cats vs. Robots" video, we see two smaller robotic toys go up against feline competitors. Still not much of a fair fight.

Teaming up to take on a dog

The phrase "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" is appropriate in this video, in which a cat and a Roomba robot vacuum team up to take on a pit bull.

Robosapien takes on a cat

The Robosapien robotic toy always impressed us, especially its ability to scare this cat.

Cat in a shark costume chases a duck while riding a Roomba

Again, on the team-up front, we get this video. It's hard to beat the headline here.

OK, maybe if the robot looks like a dog

What happens when a kitten meets a robot dog? Watch the video!


Cat vs. Roomba

The alliance is off - we're back to watching cats take on robotic vacuum cleaners. In this case, the Roomba gets the upper hand.

Cat meets robot cat (part 1)

The robots decide to impersonate their enemy by becoming more catlike. The cat isn't so sure here.


Cat meets robot cat (part 2)

The cats and robots finally make their peace. Awww. Can you feel the love?

Robot dinosaur meets a kitten

One of my favorite robotic toys was the Pleo - here we see Pleo meeting a kitten.