Quick Look: Linux Lite 2.0

Linux Lite 2.0 adds Whisker Menu, twenty additional popular applications, updated software and a new system font.
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Credit: ITworld/Jim Lynch

Linux Lite 2.0 Boot Menu

Linux Lite offers a compelling, easy to use desktop that is based on Ubuntu. It’s geared toward making it easy for Windows users to make the jump over to Linux. And it does a pretty good job of that by using the Xfce desktop environment to provide a Windows-like experience to new Linux users.

Linux Lite 2.0 includes updated applications, Whisker Menu as the default menu, Linux Lite software repositories, sound control from the tray, descriptive title bars in terminal windows, and more than twenty popular applications that you can easily install from the terminal window. This release also offers a new system font called Droid Sans, tabs in the file manager, and dialog boxes for auto-login.

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