16 mobile digital disrupter apps

The old ways of serving customers and bridging supply and demand are being upended by the more efficient one-two punch of digital and mobile. Smart companies are joining the movement rather than resisting -- they're disrupting themselves!

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Digital disrupter: Hailo, a mobile app for hailing taxi cabs.

Dearly disrupted: Traditional taxi services relying on call center operators to connect passengers with taxis.

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Digital disrupter: LoseIt!, a mobile app for tracking calorie intake.

Dearly disrupted: Brick-and-mortar weight loss services, such as Jenny Craig.

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Mobile banking apps
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Digital disrupter: Mobile banking apps.

Dearly disrupted: Brick-and-mortar banks.

Bonus self-disruption: Banks such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America deliver apps that disrupt their traditional channels.

Amazon Kindle, e-books

Digital disrupter: Amazon Kindle mobile app for buying and reading e-books.

Dearly disrupted: Book stores, such as Barnes and Noble and Borders.

e-newspapers, news apps
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Digital disrupter: News apps for reading e-newspapers on tablets and smartphones.

Dearly disrupted: Print newspapers and magazines.

Bonus self-disruption: Newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and New York Times deliver apps (and new digital paid-subscription models) that disrupt their print channel.

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productivity apps
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Digital disrupter: Mobile productivity apps such as Quickoffice and Documents to Go.

Dearly disrupted: Microsoft Office on the desktop is threatened by "good enough" mobile productivity apps that cost far less than their desktop counterparts.

Bonus self-disruption: Microsoft has brought a mobile version of Office on its new Surface tablet.

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Smartphone cameras
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Digital disrupter: Smartphone cameras.

Dearly disrupted: Bulky, expensive standalone cameras that previously used film are being replaced by quality smartphone cameras that even professional photographers are starting to use.

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music and gaming apps
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Digital disrupter: Mobile music and gaming apps.

Dearly disrupted: Standalone MP3 players and gaming consoles, such as Sony PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

maps apps
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Digital disrupter: Mobile maps apps, such as Google Maps and Apple Maps.

Dearly disrupted: Standalone GPS devices, such as Garmin and TomTom.

TV apps, Hulu
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Digital disrupter: Hulu Plus mobile app for watching TV shows on-demand.

Dearly disrupted: Traditional cable television networks.

video, Netflix
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Digital disrupter: Netflix mobile app for watching streaming movies.

Dearly disrupted: Brick-and-mortar movie rental stores offering DVD and Blu-ray discs.

taxes, TurboTax
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Digital disrupter: TurboTax mobile app.

Dearly disrupted: Brick-and-mortar tax services such as H&R Block.

travel apps
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Digital disrupter: Mobile travel apps, such as Kayak and Tripit.

Dearly disrupted: Traditional travel agencies.

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Yelp, reviews

Digital disrupter: Yelp, a mobile app for reading reviews of restaurants and retailers.

Dearly disrupted: Traditional ways of advertising for retail stores and restaurants.

Pandora, music apps
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Digital disrupter: Pandora, a mobile app for listening to all types of music.

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Spotify, music apps

Digital disrupter: Spotify, a music streaming service that delivers songs and albums.

Dearly disrupted: Apple's iTunes music store, one of the original digital disrupters.