2013: The tech year in cartoons

From Tim Cook's 'pay cut' to Steve Ballmer's 'retirement,' here's a look at some of the year's biggest IT stories from the pen of cartoonist John Klossner.
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Credit: John Klossner, © Computerworld

January: Tim Cook's pay plummets

In January, news out of Apple made it clear that companies, like people, sometimes have funny ways of showing how much they care for the ones they hold most dear.

In an SEC filing, Apple reported that CEO Tim Cook's total compensation for 2012 was down 99% from 2011. But that's because his 2011 package was inflated by 1 million shares of company stock that don't vest until 2016 and 2021 -- a strong indicator that Apple's board wants him to stick around.

Our Jan. 14 cartoon had some fun juxtaposing the news about Cook's pay with accounts of the rough debut of Apple Maps a few months earlier.

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