Who came up with your least favorite tech buzzwords?

Some buzzwords evolve from the foam of language; others are invented in strokes of evil genius
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Credit: Ancient wheel-ruts in Pompeii. Roger Wollstadt/Flickr

One of my favorite things in the world is etymology, the study of the origins of words, the "wheel-ruts of modern English" in the words of the indispensable Online Etymology Dictionary. One of my least favorite things is the swarm of buzzwords, both technical and marketing, that seem to surround the tech industry. So why not combine the two? Here are ten tech buzzwords or buzzphrases, identified as some of the most hated on a number of online lists, along with their supervillain origin stories. Read on, and perhaps you'll think twice before introducing the next "disrupt" or "phablet" into the tech vernacular.

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