The one place where wearables actually make sense: on animals

Move over Google Glass and Fitbit: Dogs, cows, fish and even crabs are getting connected in their own wearable ways
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Credit: wikimedia

The idea of people wearing “technology” fuels uncountable market projections, business plans, futurist fantasies, pontifications, and tech ecstasies. But it’s all hogwash, because hogs, along with cattle, and other forms of livestock, and wild creatures (including endangered species), not to mention your pets, are actually the creatures most naturally suited to wearables. They’re not interested in the Fashion Aspect of wearable tech, for one thing. And for another, driven by instinct, they don’t have to worry about the deleterious effects of multi-tasking as humans do. Here’s why the Wearables Market is maturing first in the Animal Kingdom.

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