Google Chromebook buyer's guide

Chromebooks are Web-centric alternatives to laptops that, while not for everyone, are coming into their own. Is one right for you?
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Credit: Christos Georghiou / Alexsl

Google promotes its Chromebook as "a new type of computer with everything built-in. For everyone. Starting at $199." Microsoft begs to differ. The Redmonders have developed a Chromebooks vs. Windows laptops page that, not surprisingly, shows Google's Chromebooks in a not-so-flattering light. There's also Microsoft's "Scroogled" ad campaign, featuring a Pawn Stars star who describes a Chromebook as a worthless "brick" when it's without an Internet connection.

However, Chromebooks are a new breed of laptop that, while not for everyone, are definitely coming into their own. Announced in 2010, debuting in 2011, Chromebooks have evolved as a low-cost (in most cases), Web-centric alternative to traditional laptops. Here's what you need to know about Chromebooks, and a look at the current lineup.

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