Who goes to an Apple II convention in 2013?

KansasFest is an annual convention for fans of the 36-year-old Apple II computer. Who are these people, anyway? We turned on a video camera and let them speak for themselves.
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Apple II forever

Thirty-six years after its launch, the Apple II is alive and well. It runs at 1MHz with 64KB of RAM and attracts dozens of retrocomputing enthusiasts to attend KansasFest, an annual Apple II convention in Kansas City, Mo.

Who are these diehards who travel from around the world to engage in late-night 8-bit hacking? I asked attendees at last month's 25th annual KansasFest, from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to an artist whose work is inspired by Apple II glitches, why the Apple II remains so compelling. These eight short videos provide some insight.

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