A serious plan to fix Windows 8

Microsoft didn't fail to execute a good plan; it succeeded in executing a horrible plan. We present a good plan.
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Windows 8 needs much more than a cosmetic upgrade

Windows 8 is a big flop. Its Frankenstein interface combines two fundamentally incompatible operating systems (Windows 7 and Metro) with two interaction styles (mouse/keyboard and touch). Sadly, Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8.1 "Blue" doesn't address these fundamental flaws.

Windows needs a basic reset, not cosmetic changes. That's why InfoWorld has designed the next edition of Windows for Microsoft. We call it Windows Red, a serious modernization of Windows that would move the platform forward and satisfy desktop and tablet users alike -- both at work and at home.

The detailed Windows Red plan. | All our Windows Red, "Blue," and 8 analyses.

Mockups: Ben Barbante | Contributors: Woody Leonhard, Doug Dineley, and Eric Knorr

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