Vacation locations: How to make a story map with photos, text, map

Share photos that show just where they were taken and add a narrative with a free ArcGIS Online account.
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It's easy (if not intuitive)

Want to share vacation photos to show just where you've been -- and tell something about each one? Or perhaps showcase pictures taken close to home on a map? There's a technique that newsroom developers use to combine images, videos and maps without having to code from scratch, thanks to Esri's free story maps templates. While the workflow isn't very intuitive, it turns out that story maps are quite easy to create if you know the steps. Here's how.

First, sign up for a free ArcGIS Online public account if you're not already registered. Note that you can only use a free public account for non-commercial, non-work-related, personal content. Lone exception: Journalists working on media projects.

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