Of punchcards, platters, and wooden mice: The PC's origin story

Hop off the hype cycle and join us on a journey back in time.
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Humble beginnings

Technology marches relentlessly onward, discarding the old to make way for the new. Today’s heroes quickly becomes yesterday’s news. As pundits ponder the future of the PC—Do desktops matter anymore? Are tablets PCs or something else? What about hybrids like the Surface?—we figured it was time to hop off the hype cycle and forget the constant tick-tocking of Moore’s Law for a moment.

Let’s revel in the roots of the wonder machines that make our lives easier. From the first GPUs and CPUs to the forerunner of the Internet, these are the breakthroughs that birthed computers as we know them today. Staring history in the face reminds us that all computing devices share the same background.

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