Reading, writing and refactoring: How 7 forward-thinking countries are teaching kids to code

The importance of knowing how to program is reflected in the increasing number of countries teaching computer science in elementary school
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Credit: flickr/Sh4rp_i

Here in the U.S., kids are either already back in school for a new academic year or soon will be. Most American students will continue to focus on the traditional three Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic), while their counterparts in some other countries will also be learning a fourth R: refactoring, as in programming code. While efforts are being made to bring computer science into American classrooms (e.g.,, the proposed Computer Science Education Act), other governments have moved more aggressively and made it a core subject in their national curriculums, starting in primary school. Here are 7 forward-thinking countries that are now, or will soon be, teaching elementary school students how to code.

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