The crazy, creepy world of Google Glass imagined

Humorous video takes a look at what the future may look like through Google Glass

So there I was, resigned today to writing about a pair of studies proving the beneficial effects of fish oil -- fish oil! -- when this dropped in my lap. It's a humorous video showing what the world may be like once Google Glass becomes ubiquitous. Titled "The Google Glass Photographer," it's produced by Daily Grovo Presents, a division of Grovo Learning, which produces and distributes educational videos covering a wide range of topics. In his pitch, the Grovo PR guy writes, "I was hoping you could embed the video on From the Lab, or include it in any Google Glass video roundups From the Lab is planning in the near future, please." He was hoping. Dude, I was steeling myself to write about fish oil!* This is a win-win, baby! Here's the video (he was hoping!):

* Which, recent studies confirm, is quite good for you. Now read this:

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