6 rising open source stars

Names you'll want to know in the free software/open-source world.

The next generation
While you're probably familiar with folks like Richard Stallman, Linus Torvalds and even Greg Kroah-Hartman, there are many others making their own important marks on the world of open-source software. Here's a look at six influential up-and-comers in the community.
Jono Bacon
WHO?: Community manager of Ubuntu.

SO?: He's the public face of the best-known Linux distribution on the planet and a heavy metal musician, to boot, so he has to wrangle both open-source community members and guitar players. We're guessing he's also probably the Horse Whisperer in his spare time.

Jonathan Nadeau
WHO?: Creator of Sonar Linux, which allows people with disabilities to use their computers effectively without having to buy expensive proprietary add-ons.

SO?: Well, frankly, that's kind of a big deal in and of itself. He's also a family man, runs his own non-profit, and does regional Linux events.

Joshua McKenty
WHO?: Co-founder of Piston Cloud, and a generally big deal in the burgeoning world of OpenStack.

SO?: That makes him a fairly important figure in the open-source business world, plus he's a trained acrobat, which we'd bet is pretty handy at meetings with VCs.

Bryan Lunduke
WHO?: Linux commentator and programmer. Made a game about running a Linux distro that was actually fun.

You weren't impressed by the Linux game? What about the fact that he's created a visual development framework and blogs for an illustrious industry news outlet.
Jos Poortvliet
WHO?: OpenSUSE commmunity manager and general free software evangelist.

SO?: Like Jono Bacon, he's got the communications skills to pay the bills, and he basically never stops writing eloquent calls for people to participate more in free software.

Jordan Keyes
WHO?: XDA Developers video producer and Google Plus rockstar.

SO?: Seriously, this guy makes informative, interesting video content for both XDA and his own This Week In Linux channels just about around the clock. And he still has time to make even more vids showcasing his elite skills at video games.