Analyst predicts Xbox One outsold Playstation 4 in September

Both Microsoft and Sony continue to offer deals to entice consumers to open their wallets

Remember that Xbox One deal that Microsoft offered back at the start of September? If you bought an Xbox One system you'd get a free game as a bonus, and the deal extended to bundle offers that already packed in a free game. In other words for $400 you'd get an Xbox One (without Kinect) and two games.

Well it seems like the deal paid off. Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter predicts that the Xbox One outsold the Playstation 4 in September; only the 2nd month where Microsoft has come out on top. VentureBeat has the whole story and I hasten to add that this is a prediction (numbers don't come out until Thursday) but if it's accurate it's a pretty big win for Microsoft, considering how much emphasis Sony put on the Destiny launch (which happened on September 9th).

Microsoft isn't done trying to entice you over to the Xbox One side of the fence, though. They're currently running a deal at that'll get you 15,000 Xbox Live Rewards credits (worth $15) for pre-ordering an Xbox One game (with a limit of three games). To take advantage of the deal you have to be an Xbox Live Rewards member. If for some reason you're not, you can still get a $10 gift card or $10 in Xbox Live credit. Me, I'd sign up for the free Xbox Live Rewards program and snag the extra $5.

The only real downside is that the Microsoft Store only offers physical media. C'mon Microsoft, how about a deal for those of us who prefer the digital versions? You can read all the details at Xbox Wire. It isn't clear how long this promotion will run for, but Microsoft refers to 'this holiday' so it sounds like it'll be valid for a while.

Not to be completely left out, Sony has a deal running as well. If you spend $100 in the Playstation Store in the month of October, you'll get a $15 in store credit. Details here. So Microsoft offers $15 back when you spend $60 on a physical pre-order while Sony offers $15 back when you spend $100 on digital content of any sort (any Playstation platform and both released titles and pre-orders qualify).

And staying with Sony, they're doing something unusual this year. On December 6th and 7th they're hosting The Playstation Experience in Las Vegas, NV. This is an event for consumers with tickets costing $50 for one day or $90 for a 2-day pass. Attendees get to rub shoulders with developers and get a sneak peak at upcoming Playstation games. Once again, more info is available at the Playstation Blog. What I find fascinating about this event is the timing; Sony seems to be setting themselves up for a big 2015 with this event, considering it's happening after most, if not all, of the holiday 2014 games are released.

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