Everything Old Is New Again at PMA 2010

A lot of the new imaging technology at the PMA 2010 photography show has a decidedly retro slant. Take a look.

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Kodak Keeps the Faith With New Ektar Film

Kodak made its big camera announcements at CES, but it still had a few smaller releases at the show, including new camera film. Kodak announced new 4-by-5-inch and 8-by-10-inch versions of its Professional Ektar 100 fine-grain, color negative film.

The film market has remained steady for the past few years, buoyed by resurgent use of film by professional photographers who are rediscovering its personality and challenges. They can set themselves apart by shooting on film, which alters the photographic process (fewer shots mean more thought and planning go into each photo) and the final product (real film grain and unpredictable colors).


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