Everything Old Is New Again at PMA 2010

A lot of the new imaging technology at the PMA 2010 photography show has a decidedly retro slant. Take a look.

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Minox DCC Minature Replica

German camera company Minox is reincarnating classic film cameras as miniature digital cameras. Its latest product is the 3-inch-high Minox DCC (left), a faithful re-creation of the 1954 Leica M3 camera, shrunk down to a third of that model's size and made digital.

The 5.1-megapixel camera is more than a pretty shell. It sports a 2-inch LCD display, can shoot video, and has a handful of quasi-contemporaneous accessories, including a mini-bulb-style flash and a leather camera case. Minox previously released a 3-megapixel Rolleiflex replica (right), complete with a top viewfinder. The DCC costs $250 and is also available in a you-can't-afford-it gold-plated design.


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