19 Weird but Real Gadgets and Gizmos

We've got vacuums for your lawn, swimwear that can charge your iPod, and grenades that don't explode but still go boom.

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Beauty and the Geek Jeans

These pants may be just a concept, but they're also the ultimate in utility wear for any gadget-loving geek. Designed by Erik De Nijs, these pants use wireless USB to connect to your computer. Peripheral devices built into the jeans include a full-size wireless QWERTY keyboard, a wireless mouse that fits into a specially designed back pocket, and built-in speakers at the knee. The stitching for the jeans was inspired by the look of printed circuit boards. De Nijs recently founded a product design company called Nieuwe Heren (loosely translated as ‘new gents') with his business partner Tim Smit. Nieuwe Heren is currently looking for a manufacturer to produce the Beauty and the Geek Jeans. Check out Nieuwe Heren's Website for more design concepts.

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