Five new technologies for your home

Improve your home entertainment...and get your geek on!

Many new technologies and gadgets have taken a back seat to the news of 3D television. Yes, 3D HDTV is astonishing. However, there are some new products out there that will not only improve your geek lifestyle, but also won't require you to wear hulking glasses. Here are five such items. Enjoy!

Can't find your remote control? No problem.

The Re™ from New Kinetix can turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a universal remote control. Simply snap on the IR attachment, download the software, and you can control your home theater with probably the best illuminated remote you'll ever see. Essentially, this application turns your iPhone/iPod into a learning remote. You hold your antiquated remote face to face with the dongle and the software will copy the infrared signals needed to operate your television, sound system, etc.

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