Cell phone apps for football fans

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Football fantasy

Of course, in this modern day and age, people don't just watch football! There's also the thriving fantasy football scene, which has become more and more computer- and Internet-centered with each passing season. Many leagues are run via Yahoo's fantasy football pages; if you're among that number, you can access your league from the pleasingly formatted mobile site at m.yahoo.com/fantasy. Now you can make trades and post messages to fellow league members while on the train or at work (not that we'd encourage such non-productivity, obviously).


Madden NFL

Of course, before you begin your quest for glory, you need to attend that now-annual ritual that takes place in living rooms across America: the fantasy draft. Most players show up with a sheath of notes and lists and magazines to make sure they snag the best players available -- but why not consolidate? Fantasy Football Cheatsheet provides all that information in one iPhone-size package -- along with ranking systems that help you assess who to take and who to pass up.

Get in the game!

But after all the watching and fantasizing, sometimes you'll want to play yourself! Obviously we advise you to take your cell phone out of your pocket before you run out on the field, or even before you get into some touch football out on the lawn. But if you're not willing to engage in actual physical activity, then you can still play football thanks to your phone. Most sports gamers would say that EA's Madden NFL is the top football video game, and yes, you can buy and download it for your phone. There's a college football version from EA too. The availability of both games, it goes without saying, depends on your phone and your carrier.


LED Football for iPhone

Looking at those Madden screenshots, I'm sort of shocked by how much better-looking that game on a handheld is than the stand-up arcade version of John Elway's Quarterback that ate much of my allowance as a youth. But if you're an iPhone user and feeling really nostalgic for the good old days of gaming, you can go way way back with LED Football, which is a carefully crafted simulation of those handheld LED-based games with the clunky plastic buttons that were so popular in the 1980s. The dedication to realism is uncanny, though we wonder how much nostalgia can compensate for truly primitive gameplay. Maybe once you tire of this, you'll decide to go out and toss around the pigskin for real after all.

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