How to transfer music from one iPod to another iPod

After Christmas; you may get a new iPod (iPod touch or iPod Nano) as a present, and you also got an older iPod, you want to transfer music from iPod to the new iPod, so you can save tons of money from double purchasing the songs on iTunes store, here is a step by step guide will teach you how to do that.

The tool you need is iPod 2 iPod, you can download it directly free from here. It’s about 5.72 MB. iPod 2 iPod will detect and automatically close iTunes, so please don’t run iTunes while you are using iPod 2 iPod.

Step1. Download and install iPod 2 iPod, run it. Connect your first iPod device via either USB/Firewire connectors.

It will take iPod 2 iPod approximately 15 seconds to auto detect then display the music from your first iPod.

Your first iPod is identified as a 'tab' on both the left and right sides of the screen.


Step2. Use the "Right Click" menu to carry out a range of actions on the individual song tracks.

To initiate this menu place the cursor over the music list and click on your right mouse button.


Play Enables you to listen to the currently selected track.

Show All Shows all music on your iPod. Useful when viewing songs within playlists.

Select All Songs Selects all music within the song list.

Select Similar Songs Selects all songs matching the text in the first column.

Find Duplicate Songs Finds duplicate music on your iPod. You will be given the option to clean-up any songs found, freeing up space!

Find Unlinked Songs An annoying issue in iTunes, the "Unlinked Songs" function helps discover music titles which are no longer associated with the actual music file.

Find Unique Songs Compares the iPods in the left and right panels, and displays the songs which are on one iPod, but not the other!

Delete Selection Removes music no longer required.

Step3. Transferring music

Select the songs you wish to transfer and either drag them to the destination panel, or click on the "arrows" to transfer music from one iPod to another.

It is easy to end up having duplicate songs on your iPod, iPod 2 iPod tracks these duplications and allows you to remove them in seconds. It also optimizes storage space on your iPod allowing you to store more songs!

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