Tech Tattoos: The Good, the Bad, and the R U SRS?!

geeky tattoos

All the Rage: Geeky Tattoos

The great thing about geeks is that we just love our technology--operating systems, consoles, companies, gadgets, game characters--you name it, we adore it, and we want it to be with us forever.

No, really. Some of us want our technology to be with us...forever. If not physically, at least in spirit--inked-on spirit, that is.

One good central repository of tech ink is BMEInk's Geek Tattoo section. I found everything you could imagine there, from messages in binary to Apple logos to IM "heart" symbols. Here are 12 of the top tattoos that caught my eye--for bad and good reasons.

First, let's look at tattoos that make us ask: What were they thinking? (Or drinking?)

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