Tech Tattoos: The Good, the Bad, and the R U SRS?!

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USB Symbol

Guy: Hey, baby, let's "transfer some files," if you know what I mean.

Girl: What? Are you trying to pick me up?

Guy: Are you "USB compatible," if you know what I mean?

Girl: This is getting weird.

Guy: No, really, I need to transfer some files and all I have is this USB cord.

Girl: Oh. Well, I'm a FireWire kind of girl. We're not compatible. Should've thought of that before you got that big ol' tattoo, huh?

While a USB symbol as a tattoo doesn’t exactly make sense to me (it's sort of like the power symbol, but with less obvious symbolism), I don't absolutely hate this one. It's a little big, but otherwise well done. It's nicely drawn, and it's black, which is good. Solid black tattoos are chic, and symbols really shouldn’t be done in color. Plus, I'm sure he can use it as a pickup line.

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