The 10 worst gadgets so far

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Number 6: U Can't Touch This

USB Finger Dance Mat (2007)

Think Dance Dance Revolution shrunk down to Stuart Little size. With the USB Finger Dance Mat, you could have a party on your desk with everyone invited--though discretion might have counseled you to think twice about demonstrating the digital skills you developed over many painstaking hours of practice to, say, your boss.

To use the device, you just plugged it into your PC, slipped your digits into the cardboard finger character (two choices: Disco dude or Flashdance chick), and tapped your fingers in time to the flashing lights on the 4-by-4-inch dance floor. It was fresh, it was funky, it was totally embarrassing if anyone ever caught you doing it.

Which, apparently, few did, since the Dance Mat was discontinued shortly after it debuted. Still, it was a fun way to take a break between cleaning out your desk and turning in your employee manual.

USB Finger Dance Mat

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