Star Trek Gear Fit for a Trekkie Lifestyle

When a Spock action figure just won't do, some Trekkies go hardcore and buy the real stuff. Here is a look at Star Trek gear for an out-of-this-world lifestyle.

Star Trek Gear for Serious Trekkies

Real Trekkies don't just settle for a James T. Kirk action figure, they plop down $2200 for a replica of Captain Kirk's chair from the bridge of the starship Enterprise.

With Paramount Pictures' Star Trek movie opening May 8, we figure this weekend will be a veritable geek holiday. To pay homage to the Star Trek movie premiere, we decided it's time to help Trekkies get serious about their obsession by putting together a collection of inspirational Star Trek gear. Mind you, this is not memorabilia, but Trek gear for everyday use.

You may want to cool your warp-drive engines, however, because, sadly, not everything assembled here is for sale--so please don't blame us if you can't find that Star Trek USB Web Cam shaped like the Enterprise. The good news is that you can spork over just $20 for a Star Trek eating utensil.

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Source: PC World

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