The 10 Worst Video Game Systems of All Time

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10. Apple Pippin

Year released: 1996

Apple Computer designed Pippin as a "multimedia appliance" and licensed it to other companies for manufacture (Only Bandai and Katz Media signed on). Unfortunately, Apple's new platform had a bit of an identity crisis: it was a game console, a Web-browsing network computer, and a multimedia player--but it did all of those tasks poorly. Our colleagues at Macworld actually named it one of the six worst Apple products ever (it came in at number three).

Signature problems: Severely underpowered, with a slow 66MHz processor and a slow 14.4-kbps modem. Poor user experience. Too expensive ($600). Small game and software library. Designed for a market that didn't exist.

Redeeming features: A good concept in theory, the Pippin was in some ways far ahead of its time.

Apple Pippin

Source: PC World

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