The 10 Worst Video Game Systems of All Time

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3. Tandy/Memorex VIS

Year released: 1992

During the rush-to-multimedia enthusiasm of the early 1990s--prompted in part by the Philips CD-i platform--other manufacturers found the pitter-patter of little lemming feet irresistible. Tandy was among the companies that joined the multimedia procession, with its Video Information System (VIS)--essentially a lackluster knockoff of the already horrendous CD-i platform.

Signature problems: Virtually no software. Underpowered hardware--despite being asked to handle CD media, the VIS ran on a 286 CPU loaded with a special version of Windows 3.1 that was antiquated even for that era.

Redeeming features: Neat-looking wireless controller. And Links (you know, the golf game).

Tandy/Memorex VIS

Source: PC World

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