Mobile deathmatch: Palm Pre vs. iPhone, side by side

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Working with e-mail

Both the iPhone (left) and Palm Pre (right) display e-mail messages in lists. On the iPhone, account lists are separated, meaning you must navigate from one e-mail account to another to view all your messages. The Pre, however, stacks account lists, allowing you to hide or show each list, so all of your e-mail is available in one place. Only the iPhone lets you search messages -- a major omission on the Pre. Tapping the top of the Mail app jumps the iPhone to the top of your message list; the Pre has no equivalent shortcut. The iPhone also lets you select multiple (including nonadjacent) messages for deletion or moving to a folder, while the Pre can't multiple-select. Both the iPhone and Pre use horizontal swipes to delete individual messages, though the iPhone makes you click the Delete button that appears, while the Pre simply deletes the message, making it easy to delete messages by accident.

Palm Pre vs. iPhone

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