Mobile deathmatch: Palm Pre vs. iPhone, side by side

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Using copy and paste

For several years, the iPhone (left) lacked copy and paste, which frustrated many users. It now has this capability, and it is very easy to use -- tap and hold for a second, slide the selection bar that appears, and tap the desired action from the floating menu. The Palm Pre (right) also has copy and paste, but in a limited, difficult-to-use form. Whereas the iPhone allows you to cut, copy, and paste both text and graphics, the Pre allows you to copy only text in fields, so there's no way to copy URLs from e-mails or addresses from Web pages, for example. And the awkward selection mechanism on the Pre -- tap and hold, then hold the Orange key while selecting the text via touch -- destines many selections to failure before you can actually cut, copy, and paste (via a menu or keyboard shortcuts).

Palm Pre vs. iPhone

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