Computers are my copilot: Six machines that might help you get there

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Ground-based computer navigation

Want to get even more mundane than air travel? How about the humble car? Prius drivers (all right, they're not always the most humble bunch) have had an in-dash computer display to play with for years now. Watching the energy flow from one part of the engine to another can be hypnotic -- and watching your mileage jump up and down can help you drive in a more fuel efficient fashion.

One big gripe of Prius drivers: many of the touch-screen functions are disabled when the car is in motion. This is a safety feature, to prevent the driver from trying to fiddle with the computer and operate the car simultaneously -- but what are bored passengers supposed to do to entertain themselves, read a book?

For more on the Prius computer's capabilities, check's Prius-hacking video feature.

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