Top 10 Blowhards of the Web

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7. Dave Winer (

Photo: Joi Ito

After decades of toiling in software startups that you've never heard of, Winer was in the right place at the right time and became a pioneering force during the early days of the Web. Nevertheless, he's still working off the chip on his shoulder that came from inventing RSS and (debatably) blogging itself without receiving adequate credit for them. Winer caused his biggest disturbance in the Force when he abruptly (albeit temporarily) shut down his free blog-hosting service,, leaving thousands of users in the dark. Hates everyone. Tried to push the idea of providing a permalink to every paragraph in a blog, as if it were a Bible verse.

8. Jim Goldman (


This smug CNBC commentator is the only guy in Silicon Valley who wears a suit and tie, and seems completely oblivious to the joke. He's the outsider version of Kara Swisher, full of commentary on most big Valley companies, often heavily reliant on the infamous "sources inside the company." Finest hour: Fancies himself an Apple expert but was royally and publicly spanked by Fake Steve Jobs over sloppy (and flatly wrong) reporting.

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