Retro-futuristic family fun: Eight classic games for the iPhone –


As Phil Schiller boasted at last week's Apple iTunes and iPod event, the iPhone OS platform -- which powers both the company's smartphones and the high-end iPod Touch -- is increasingly being used as a gaming platform. The flashy Apple event, as you might expect, demoed fancy games with spiffy graphics and music and fast-paced gameplay, and surely those will sell like hotcakes.

And yet ... remember the consternation in the late '90s when the low-end Deer Hunter was the top selling-video game? There are still a lot of people out there who are interested in simple fun rather than an immersive (and overwhelming) gaming experience. To cater to them, there are a number of games available for the iPhone OS that are remakes of classic or existing board games. And just as those board games are beloved by millions, the iPhone versions will probably do pretty well too.

Read on to see what high-tech versions of low-tech are available! (Keep in mind that when I say "iPhone", I really mean the iPhone OS; all of these games will also work on the iPod Touch, though any features that require a cell network obviously won't.)

Picture on this page courtesy of Flickr user t23e; click for full size. All other images in this article are screenshots taken from the iTunes Store.

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