Slideshow: Car Tech at CES

Car tech at CES used to mean big boom boxes and bigger boom boxes, but these days it's all about TV, GPS, and communicating digitally without removing your hands from the steering wheel.

Sync: The Sequel

Microsoft's Sync technology (which appears in some Ford vehicles) is getting new features on top of its existing music player and hands-free phone capabilities. The next version, which will be available starting this spring, will provide turn-by-turn driving directions, personalized traffic reports, and news, weather and sports updates--all in response to a driver's voice requests (relayed to Microsoft TellMe servers via Bluetooth-connected cell phone).

The new version of Sync will be available in nearly all 2010 Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury models, and Ford says the services will be provided free of charge for three years with the purchase of a new Sync-enabled vehicle. Existing Sync customers are out of luck since older versions will not be upgradable.

Read more about the latest Sync and Ford's vision for the connected cockpit in the company's news release.


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