Slideshow: Fashionable Laptop Bags Let You Geek Out in Style

The sexiest designer bags of the upcoming season. And some are practical, too

Laptop Bags That Are Practical and Sleek

As editors, fashionistas, celebutantes, and designers gather under the bright white tents of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Bryant Park to mix, mingle, and ogle works of fashion genius, the rest of us pick up our threadbare, coffee-and-ink-stained laptop bags and wonder if there isn't more to life. Well, there is. But in a world where fashion is king, you can no longer afford to be seen with your bulky, "my-dog-ate-half-of-it" leather laptop case. It's time to update your style, and the word on the street is that sleek and sexy are in, and brown is the new black. Read on, oh, fashion-weary, to see some of the most stylin' (and don't worry, efficient) laptop bags and sleeves on the market today.


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