12 Types of Cell Phone Users That Drive Us Nuts

Maybe you've seen Bluetooth Johnson, the bathroom texter or Han Solo, the holster master, in action. Hopefully you're not one of them.

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Cell Phone Camera Guy, a.k.a. "Mr. Twitterific"

A distant relative of the iPhone Snob, Cell Phone Camera Guy always has his mobile device, typically a smartphone or other high-end gadget, in hand. How else could he open up the camera application quickly enough to snap a photo of that passing car, a humorous subway advertisement, a cute dog...or any other mundane object most folks would barely even notice? Not to be confused with a tourist, Cell Phone Guy takes pictures of everything for the sake of taking pictures of everything. Should you hear his trademark call—Ooh, oooh, lemme get a pic! Then Gotta send this to Twitter—clear the way and just hope his flash is disabled.


Daniella Zalcman on Flickr

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