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Forget e-mailing attachments. Specialized services make sharing spreadsheets easy.

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If you don't care about templates or extra features, then DabbleDB is a good place to start. You can quickly create your spreadsheet and have it shared within a few minutes. The only downside is that you have to cut and paste your data, rather than import an Excel file directly.


DabbleDB has three different ways to import data to their service. Sadly, missing is the ability to upload an Excel file directly.

It will find your field names in the first row of your data, and ask you how you want each column imported (as text or numbers, for example). You can set up Web forms that can be published and used to collect more data to input into your spreadsheets. And you can even add the Google Analytics tracking codes if you want them to keep track of your visitors. DabbleDB offers a way to restore a particular backup snapshot taken on a particular day, or to email you a ZIP file with your data. Finally, you can share more than one spreadsheet per account, even during the free trial.

The other downside to DabbleDB is they are stingy on storage. The basic account only includes 250 MB for any attachments to your files. Additional storage is $10 for every extra 5 GB.

The service gives you your own sub-domain, such as, so that others can easily find your work, for an extra fee of $25 to $100, depending on whether you want it secured with SSL or not. And for an extra $75, you can place restricted access by particular IP source addresses for your data.

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