Simple online database collaboration

Forget e-mailing attachments. Specialized services make sharing spreadsheets easy.

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HyperBase is an add-on to the Web-based HyperOffice, which is a competitor to Google Docs and Microsoft Live Office. You have to purchase an annual contract for the office services before you can make use of the shared spreadsheets in HyperBase. The starter set is for five users, with additional users at less than $10 a month. This isn't really the best platform if all you want to do is share a database, as it is really designed as a full-featured open office product where you can create documents and spreadsheets from inside your browser. Nevertheless, you can design some rather sophisticated forms and data layouts with the product. If you have lots of local Excel spreadsheets this isn't the product for you because you need to first save them as CSVs to upload the data.


Hyperbase has many advanced features that make this a quite powerful service, but it may be overkill for simple spreadsheet sharing.

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