Simple online database collaboration

Forget e-mailing attachments. Specialized services make sharing spreadsheets easy.

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TrackVia has changed its pricing plan, making it more appealing towards the higher-end and with at least ten collaborators on a spreadsheet. But the good news is that it has plenty of features that befit its higher cost. You can import an Excel file, start with one of their existing templates, or start from scratch. There are also different email notifications it can send you when new records are added or elements change, as you can see here:


TrackVia has a variety of options to control how you receive email alerts when something has changed to your shared data.

TrackVia will send you a CD copy of all your data for an additional $100 that will be sent overnight to you. TrackVia has integrated email merge features, so if you set up your spreadsheet for that particular purpose, such as a list of customers that you want to stay in touch with, you can use this service as an inexpensive contact management system (this will cost a penny an email extra). You can also create a public Web page that asks questions that you can use to collect information to include on your spreadsheet. In beta test is a way to graph and chart your data. Finally, there is a function to find and eliminate duplicate records in your data, which can be handy depending on how many authors are entering information.

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