Top 10 Smartphone Easter Eggs

Who knew cell phones, like their PC relatives, had Easter egg surprises buried deep inside them

For the un-initiated, the term Easter eggs is geek parlance for secret gags and goofs buried deep inside software. Google's been laying Easter eggs for years. Now as cell phones have hit mass appeal, perhaps it's no surprise that Easter eggs have snuck into our handhelds.

[ Favorite software Easter eggs ]

So with Easter on the way, and smartphones hotter than ever, we've dug up 10 smartphone Easter eggs to either help or amuse you. And you don't have to be a devout user of any one brand, either; there are examples here for every modern smartphone platform.

Android: Nexus One Holiday Game

Shortly before Google announced the Nexus One, employees testing the phone were able to play a card-matching memory game online. It's still available for all Nexus One owners at, but any other browser will redirect to the Android home page. Image credit: AndroidGuys.

Android: Nexus One Holiday Game
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