10 Seriously Ridiculous Hacks

Use a rubber band to hold your phone on your head? Why not? But we'd caution against stringing an extension cord to the swimming pool to power your gadgets.

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Cheap, Waterproof, All-Phone-Compatible, Hands-Free Solution

So, you've been looking for a snazzy new Bluetooth headset, have you? Well, let me cut you a deal: I have a hands-free headset that is guaranteed to work with any and all cellular phones--whether they're Bluetooth-enabled or not.

You know what, it might even work with your regular landline phone, too. And it's so cheap, it's practically free. Don't get stuck paying $80 for a Bluetooth device that might not work with your phone--this incredible new device can be yours for only $3.49 per pack of 24!

And, if I haven't yet convinced you, here's another guarantee: Nobody will ever think you're talking to yourself on the street.

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