10 Seriously Ridiculous Hacks

Use a rubber band to hold your phone on your head? Why not? But we'd caution against stringing an extension cord to the swimming pool to power your gadgets.

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Universal Remote

To be fair, whenever I've tried to set up a universal remote, I've found that every single electronic appliance (television, cable box, stereo, remote-controlled shower head, alien-viewing-platform door) works perfectly, except for one thing. Most often, it's the television volume control.

So you end up with a sweet universal remote that controls everything from your automatic coffee-generating robot to your fifteen-speaker surround-sound stereo, and one lame television remote that controls the TV volume--which, of course, totally defeats the purpose of a universal remote.

Why spend all that money to have two remotes, when you can just strap six remotes to a piece of cardboard and have your very own, makeshift "universal" remote? Exactly, my friends. Exactly.

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