These tech caps release your inner geek

These baseball caps let your geek shine whether you're a gamer, an old-school floppy disk fan, or a LAN party animal.

10 Tech Caps for Nerds

Wearing a technology-themed baseball cap is no easy task. It's not the same as choosing, say, a cap based on the sports team of your home town, or on your alma mater. No, a tech hat requires extra attention to your principles and ideals. After all, unlike a tech t-shirt, which is worn one day and then tossed in the dirty laundry pile for weeks, the tech cap is there whenever your head needs covering. Having the right message is of utmost importance.

So we present to you ten of the best ideas we've seen. Some are humorous to the point that they're always good for at least one laugh when worn in public. Others are deliberate in their message, inspiring camaraderie in those who agree, and anger in those who don't. We include some that we wouldn't be caught dead wearing in public, yet we know people who will. And we've even thrown in a couple of caps that actually use the technology that inspires our geekiness to begin with.

If you've already got one of these hats in your repertoire, please don't take offense at our snark. We're having a little fun at the expense of those who actually fit themselves with this haberdashery, but really, you've earned our respect, and -- because we can't resist a pun -- our hat's off to you.


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