15 Tech T-Shirts We Love

A T-shirt says a lot about the person wearing it. And when the wearer is a proud geek, the message comes through loud and clear.

If the T-Shirt Fits, Wear It!

Technology-themed T-shirts have a special place in the heart of a true geek. Like the shirts that music fans wear to honor their favorite bands, tech T-shirts make a statement that only a select few passers-by may understand. Of course, wearing your allegiance on your chest does carry a risk: Running into an enclave of Mac devotees as you traipse around in your Bill Rules shirt might trigger a border incident. And pleasing a roomful of Intel and AMD partisans in equal measure requires a T-shirt with an exceedingly artful message.

The best tech T-shirts are subtle but clever; others, despite their simplicity, deserve praise for the ideas they represent. Some are just plain silly--but we like those, too, because they offer compelling evidence that the people wearing them are even geekier than we are.

We take to heart Shakespeare's observation that the T-shirt slogan makes the geek (okay, what he really said was "the apparel oft proclaims the man")--so much so that we've matched each of our favorite shirts with the likely characteristics of its wearer. And if you happen to be garbed right now in one of the items we've highlighted, all we can say is "Nice shirt!"


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