Geek pranks: 15 high-tech tricks to haunt your co-workers

Don't be stuck with only sweet treats this Halloween. Try these 15 high-tech tricks to make your co-workers wonder who's haunting them.

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7. More Mousing Around

Photo by Keith Marshall

The Prank:

While the mouse is on your mind, here are two other easy ways to make someone squeak with confusion. Each involves only a couple of quick clicks on your behalf, but the end results will keep you chuckling for hours.

The Process:

Head over to the Windows Control Panel and open up the Mouse settings. For the first gag, click the option to switch primary and secondary mouse settings. For the second, shift over to the Pointers tab and change the Normal Select mouse icon from the standard pointer to the hourglass.

The Final Product:

With prank #1, your fellow office dweller will be lost as to why his mouse button functionality is suddenly reversed. With #2, it'll feel like an eternity as he tries to figure out why his system appears to be busy all the time. In both cases, your inevitable snickering will eventually give it away.

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