Geek pranks: 15 high-tech tricks to haunt your co-workers

Don't be stuck with only sweet treats this Halloween. Try these 15 high-tech tricks to make your co-workers wonder who's haunting them.

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8. Phone Fun

The Prank:

Image by jmerelo

All right, gang, time to disable your immaturity filters and turn the dial back to junior high for a moment. This next set of hijinks brings the fun back to the phone with a high-tech twist to old-school pranking.

The Process:

Summon up your inner 14-year-old and surf over to Conversators tab. There, you can send realistic-sounding computer calls to your cubicle mates for free -- up to three a day from any given IP address. Simply select the call of your choice, type in your pal's phone number, and within seconds, his phone will be a-ringin'.

The Final Product:

The calls themselves vary based on which option you select, but each has a preprogrammed speech with built-in pauses to allow the recipient to respond. The Cable Company call, for example, uses an annoying robotic voice to ask increasingly personal questions under the guise of your local cable provider. The Escort call comes from a woman convinced you signed up for her services. And the Gay Telemarketer call -- well, I'll let you figure out that one for yourself.

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