How to host an (un)official Windows 7 launch party

Windows 7 is launching on Thursday. Depending on your point of view this news may evoke one of many different emotions.

If you survived the Windows Vista debacle, it may make you feel like this:

For me, and most other Mac users, the feeling is more like this:
For others of you, the release of a new Windows operating system may make you feel like this:

Then there are those of you folks so excited by this news that you feel the need to invite friends over to your house on the big day to celebrate it. That's right, I'm talking about you folks that are actually hosting an official Windows 7 Launch Party.

What, you ask, does hosting an official Windows 7 Launch Party entail? Lots of fun things, like:

  • Choosing one of the official party themes: Setting Up With Ease, Family Friendly Fun, Media Mania, or PhotoPalooza
  • Getting an official "party pack," that comes with all sorts of goodies like Windows 7 (natch), streamers, tote bags, etc.
  • Party welcome signs, like this one:
  • Host notes with suggested activities like Show Your Guests Search & Taskbar, Show Your Guests Web Slices & Accelerators, Show Your Guests How to Set Computer Time Limits & Game Limits
  • Fun games like a Windows 7 True False quiz, with questions like "The Microsoft symbol on the New York stock exchange is LSMFT," and "In June 30, 2009 Microsoft had 92,736 employees worldwide," and "Microsoft is exploring building an elevator to space."
  • The site also has messages boards, areas for sharing pictures and video and generally communing with your fellow Windows lovers.

To me, the whole thing sounds a bit like hosting a party to celebrate the launch of a new set of IRS forms. I almost feel sorry for Microsoft at this point -- trying so hard to be cool and relevant. Like a middle aged man getting his ears pierced, or a soccer mom getting a tattoo.

But, hey, it certainly floats some people's boats and, if you're one of those people, unfortunately, it's too late now to register and hold your own official Windows 7 Launch Party. Of course there's nothing to stop you from hosting an unofficial Windows 7 launch party. And if you're going to "go rogue" you may as well not feel constrained by the officially sanctioned Windows 7 launch party themes.

In that vein, allow me to suggest a few alternative themes for your consideration.

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