Smartphones for the holidays

Featuring the BlackBerry Storm 2, the Motorola Cliq and more!

This autumn, it's all about Android

When the history of smartphones is written, the fall of 2009 may well be remembered as the Autumn of Android. From the Motorola Cliq to the HTC Hero to the Samsung Moment to the Acer Liquid, this fall will mark the first time that four different device manufacturers have announced new Android-based smartphones over the same three-month period. But while the open-source Android has been making the most waves this season, two new BlackBerry smartphones and two phones based on the new Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system have also generated considerable buzz. In this slideshow, we'll break down the eight coolest smartphones of this fall and give you their price, their operating systems, their carriers and their key features.

[Note: All prices listed come with a two-year service agreement and a mail-in rebate unless otherwise noted.]

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