Come as you aren't: 10 geek costumes for Halloween

Get into the spirit of the season and burnish your geek credentials at the same time!

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Photo by storyvillegirl

Annoying Internet meme

The lifestyle of an Internet meme goes something like this: first everyone finds it hilarious; then people get bored with it; then actively irritated; then it becomes fun to smugly mock it and everyone who still finds it funny. If meme you must for Halloween, be sure to pick one that's either in stage one or stage four.

Lolcats (see above) are one of the easier memes to capture, since cats actually exist in physical space, even if their comically misspelled dialogue does not. Other memes are more conceptual, and correspondingly challenging. We would, for instance, be very impressed to see someone pull off a Rickrolling costume.

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