Come as you aren't: 10 geek costumes for Halloween

Get into the spirit of the season and burnish your geek credentials at the same time!

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What a cute couple!  I hope they don't find the fact that they're depicting siblings UNSETTLING

Photo by End of Level Boss

Classic gaming characters

You can keep your Niko Bellics: for my money, the only real iconic video game characters were established during the 8-bit era. The Mario Brothers, for instance! They had a movie made from their antics and everything. Get some suspenders, some red and green shirts, and you're gold.

Too easy for you? Well, how about carrying a boom box around with you constantly playing the infectious background music from Super Mario Brothers? And then you should casually leap up onto nearby elevated surfaces when the opportunity presents itself. (Note: We are not responsible for injuries sustained during Mario imitations.)

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